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QCS Organizational Structure, Culture and Environment

Quality Care Solutions of NC, Inc. has adopted a functional organizational structure for which communication is being distributed from the top to the bottom of the organizational chart; distribution of authority is centralized throughout the company (see organizational chart). With our stellar leadership and innovative management techniques, Quality Care Solutions of NC has stance quality services in the mental health industry. We have an open, free-spirited culture where employees are able to express their interest and ideas to the company and their information will be welcomed into the mindset of higher authority. We have an ongoing series of open and honest conversations and communication that drive high performance. Frequent dialogue between employees and managers is expected within this organization.

Our relaxed culture can be traced back to being unconventional. We encourages informality and want our employees to have fun at their jobs; to learn, grow and share their knowledge and experience with others within the workplace. Our network culture is solidarity; bring in a feeling of togetherness. All of our employees are working to achieve one goal; building a better community in the mental health industry. Having a sociable culture makes employees and individuals feel like a family, a team.

Our employees here are committed to the well-being of their clients, being compassionate and connecting with each every individual that we become involved with. Our entire organizational culture is not mainly focused on bureaucracy, but if focus on getting things done. We do our best to take care of them, or more accurately, help them take care of themselves. The healthier and happier our clients are, the better we feel about the services we provide to them.

Organization Chart

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