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About Us

Founded by Mandrake K. Lewis, Quality Care Solutions Inc. is a unique program that provides residential services to at-risk children and adolescents. QCS,Inc. provides a combination of services including an on staff substance abuse counselor, a therapist, and a certified teacher. We concentrate on building relationships as well as collaborating with the community. QCS, Inc. assist consumers with educational and vocational plans which coincide with an independent living program that serves the needs of individuals who need additional care.

Our goal is to incorporate positive changes in the lives of our youth by encouraging them to be confident and to utilize their full potential so that they may become contributing citizens of the community. Click Here to download our brochure.

Message from the CEO
The company has been and still is committed to providing quality services to children and families coping with emotional disorders and mental illnesses. Our mission is to empower, support, motivate and encourage individuals and families coping with emotional disorders and mental illnesses by building on the family's strength. It is our duty to provide a constructive climate and an open environment in which change may take place and to emphasize the positive aspects of each consumer and client we have. We do not reject him or her because of negative behaviors; or mental disorders.

We use a holistic approach to services which focuses on providing interventions to all aspects of the consumer's life including social, financial, and emotional. This method of treatment requires professional and compassionate workers to provide services with a non-traditional approach. Services will be provided in an array of arenas such as within the community, the schools, and the offices of Quality Care Solutions Inc.

Here at QCS, I look for success, outcomes and improved performances. I try to focus on the growth of the quality and efficiency of our work; looking to see our employees accomplish at least one goal within the list of goals that they set out for themselves. The company's sustained success depends upon the vision, creativity and passion of the employees; placing emphasis on recruiting and retaining of outstanding employees.

Thank you,

Mandrake Lewis - CEO
Executive Director/Quality Management
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